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    Your car air conditioner should be run for the whole year

    Your car air conditioner should be run for the whole year


    If you are like most drivers you probably only turn your air conditioner on when things heat up. When the weather is warm we all start reaching for those buttons that will give us some quick cool relief. But what you may not realize is that by not using your vehicle’s air conditioner all year long you may end up costing yourself more money later on!

    Before you turn away and say that it’s unreasonable to turn the vehicle’s air conditioner on in winter. Or other times of the year when it is not hot out, at least consider the idea. Your air conditioner is made of components that can break down when they are not being used. This means if you use the air conditioner for three months out of the year and the rest of the time it sits, it can be breaking down during those other nine months.

    By turning your vehicle’s air conditioner on at least every few weeks. Even if it is just for a few minutes, you will keep it working properly. This will help to keep the parts, especially the seals, from becoming dried out. It will also help keep the system from losing refrigerant. Which is a reason why after making it all winter you may find it isn’t all that cold when you turn it on in the summer?


    Your car air conditioner should be run for the whole year


    Turning your air conditioner on every few weeks during the cooler months. Even for just a few minutes at a time. Will help ensure that it keeps working properly during the hotter months, too. In the long run, these few minutes spent every few weeks can actually save you money on what you may otherwise spend in air conditioner repairs.

    So this winter be sure to keep that air conditioner running here and there. Your system will stay working better. And you will be glad you did when you see how great it still works come summer time!

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