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    How Your Vehicle Air Conditioner Works

    How Your Vehicle Air Conditioner Works


    We are in the business of helping people all around the Brisbane area with their vehicle air conditioners. As such, it is common to come across people who wonder about the mystery behind how their air conditioner works. Wondering how the vehicle air conditioner works is a legitimate curiosity, and worth knowing more.


    Most people merely jump into their car and turn the air conditioner on, not giving it much thought as to how that cold air comes out of the vents and cools the vehicle down. But plenty of us needs a little more behind-the-scenes information than that. For those people who are curious, here are the basics of how your car’s air conditioner works:


    How Your Vehicle Air Conditioner Works


    • Your vehicle has evaporator coils. Heat in your car blown across them through the convection process.
    • Through conduction, the refrigerant in your air conditioning system will then absorb the heat.
    • The refrigerant moves the heat into the condenser, where its then absorbed into the part of the system called condenser fins.
    • Then through the process of radiation, the heat is transferred back into the atmosphere.
    • You feel the cold air, and the vehicle temperature drops to become more comfortable.


    It may seem like a complicated process in which the warm air is absorbed into the system. And then turned into cold air that you will feel, but it’s one that happens quickly. One that we have come to rely upon on a warm day. When it doesn’t work right, there is usually a breakdown or problem with one of these main areas, which can generally have repaired and get you back to being cool in no time.


    At Keepin’ Cool, we have helped many people around Brisbane with all of their vehicle air conditioner needs. We can help you, too. And best of all is that we come to you. Our mobile air conditioner repair saves you both time and money. Call today!

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